William Hill Poker Review

William Hill is one of the best regarded online poker gaming sites. William Hill is one of the most trusted brands in the industry and they even made their way onto the London Stock Exchange. Anyone looking to play at William Hill Poker tables can do so from any of their devices and they can do it straight away from their browser – no downloads and installations are necessary.

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William Hill has been in the business since 1934, so they’re pretty experienced and know how to please their playerbase. William Hill is one of the biggest sites on the iPoker Network and they’re one of the most trusted bookmakers in the world. Indeed, William Hill is more than just a simple poker cardroom – it’s also a sports betting site and an online casino. Because of this, the players at the tables are a little less experienced, so the player pool is softer overall.

William Hill Poker offers Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha poker and all their variations. The games feature blinds from 0.1/0.2 euros all the way to 5 to 10 euros. The buy-ins vary a great deal depending on the type of game you’re looking at. The most intense games are played at the high stakes tables, but most players prefer the relative safety of low-stakes tables, so expect the highest congestion there. William Hill features FastForward gameplay where you’re transferred to a new table each time a hand ends or you fold, so player collusion is nipped in the bud. All of William Hill’s software is powered by Playtech.

Being an online casino, William Gill also offers you a welcome bonus. The bonus is activated when you deposit £10, and it contains a £7 cash game ticket, £100 of bonus cash, 10 free spins and £3 in tournament tickets. Naturally, you will have to redeem your welcome bonus within seven days, and by collecting 85 WH points.

Speaking of points, they’re used as a form of progression. There are WH points and CP (Club Points) points. Club Points are earned in conjunction with WH point and they enable a level progression in William Hill’s club that opens up doors t some nice perks and prizes. Also, CP points can be exchanged for real money, so be sure to rack them up.


William Hill isn’t a simple cardroom. William Hill is a prestigious online casino with lots of things to offer, among which is poker. However, if you’re a die-hard poker fan, worry not – William Hill is more than capable of fulfilling your wishes. Also, because this is a casino, you get a nice welcome bonus, making it all the more worth your while to register to William Hill.

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