Tom Dwan

One of the slyest poker players in the world is none other than Tom Dwan. Widely known by his screen name “durrrr”, this 31-year-old is one of the best players in the world and one of the most intuitive. He is well known for his big set of stones and outrageous bluffs. He may not have any bracelets, but he’s won enough times to be considered a dangerous opponent by everybody on the table.

Bluff of the Century

Thomas Dwan Jr. was born in Edison, New Jersey in 1986. Like Jason Mercier, he hasn’t left his hometown and still lives in Edison. He holds no bracelets, as we said, but he did appear three times at the final table in World Series of Poker tournaments and has walked off the table with chips in hand ten times. He has one final table appearance in a World Poker Tour tournament and has finished with earnings twice. He also has one money finish from the European Poker Tour.

His first live tournament cash-in came when he was 19 years old. He finished twelfth in the £3.000 No Limit Texas Hold ‘em Main Event in the EPT’s 2nd season. He earned about $12. His next cash-in came two years later, in 2007, at the World Poker Tour at the $9.700 No Limit Hold ‘em Championship Event, where he finished fourth and won a little over $300.000.

However, Dwan’s biggest presence is online. He began playing with only $50 but quickly sped ahead in sit n’ gos. He then switched to cash games and heads-up cash games. In 2007 he had earned some $312.800 off of Full Tilt Poker, and a whopping $5.41 million the next year.  However, he suffered a huge downswing in 2009 when he lost a total of 7 million dollars in a matter of two months to Ilair Sahames, Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom, a Swedish pro.

However, Tom Dwan will remain known for one thing, and that is his legendary bluff in the final round of the Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge. The tournament took the form of a 500-hand heads-up game where all players had to pay $250.000 to participate and the winner would be decided until 500 hands were played of a player lost his money. After playing Sahames and Marigliano, Dwan faced off against Sammy George.

The players agreed to a 7-2, wherein the winner of the pot with a 7 and a deuce would win an additional $10.000. in the game, Dwan responded with an all-in ($479.500, double the pot size) to a river. George had a pair of aces and sixes, wherein Dwan had 7-2 (and had told Sammy he had it). George mulled over whether to call Dwan but folded. In the end, Dwan earned over $700.000 from the tournament, beating two out of three opponents.

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