PokerStars Revamps Rewards Program


The director of poker operations and innovation for PokerStars, Severin Rasset, announced in a blog post that a new reward program for the globe’s biggest online poker website had been developed. The program, known as Stars Rewards, was launched in Denmark a few weeks ago. However, the worldwide rollout of the program isn’t expected until later in the summer. Many players can’t wait for the program to hit their nations.

The Big Change

A big part of this program is that the prizes are personalized to every player, whether that is sports, casino, or poker bettors. Players gather so-called “chests” that provide a wide range of rewards, all customized to the games that you like to play. The chests can be opened immediately after winning them or even after you are done playing. The content of every chest is randomized and provides players a chance to win big. Where else can you get a prize that is specifically made for you?

Although the content of every chest is randomized, the nature of your play doesn’t determine the size of the chest. The content is often personalized in such a way that the player will often receive tournament tickets or tournament money, whereas a sports wager would often receive free bets.

Therefore, a poker player would receive a ticket to international poker tournament around the world. Some of the most common top prizes that you should expect include 1,000,000 StarsCoin, $1,000 cash, or a PokerStars Tournament or Championship package worth $1,000. If you get your chest through sports wagering, the prize might be a chance to bet even bigger for an upcoming match or matches.

These prices changes from time to time but every chest gives you the chance to take home a big prize. Additionally, you also get a chance to earn StarCoin from the chests. Redeeming these coins in the PokerStars store doesn’t change: you can redeem them at the same rate for tickets, merchandise, cash rebates, and more. You can literary redeem them for anything in PokerStars casino.

PokerStars says that this is a modern loyalty program that is looking at the future and will engage with lots of players, leaning on learning from among the best apps on the globe. What better than having it on your smart device for easier access when you wish to redeem your point?

One of the major things that have been borrowed from other reward system is the so-called boosts. Boosts are designed and developed for players that visit PokerStars more often and consecutively and it offers them the chance to speed up their program. Just visit their casino frequently, without skipping a day, and you will be on top of the pack and enjoy more benefits.


PokerStars revamped reward program is a force to reckon with. It has transformed the modern reward program to the future program. Ensure that you get to be among the first individuals to enjoy and learn the benefits of this superb program.

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