Partypoker Review

Partypoker, formerly known as PartyPoker is one of the biggest online cardrooms in the world. The company was a part of the Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, but was bought by GVC Holdings for £1.1 billion. The company was the biggest cardroom until 2006, hosting 80.000 players at any one time and attracting over 3.6 million players annually.

Cash Gamers, Tournaments and More

As we said, partypoker WAS the biggest cardroom in the USA, forfeiting the title to PartyStars in 2006. The reason behind this is the US government’s Unlawful, Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that forced many cardrooms and online gambling companies to cut out US players. In 2006, partypoker left the USA, but PartyStars stayed, propelling them ahead. However, partypoker still stayed a very relevant poker cardroom.

One of the main reasons behind the company’s popularity is because it offers a FastForward game format. This kind of format pushes the player to a new random table every time they fold, making it impossible for the players to collude when playing. As you may guess, this added security appeals to players everywhere and makes the game more interesting overall.

The cardroom also hosts a great number of tournaments. The tournaments are as small as including only ten players and as big as including several thousands of participants. Most tournaments are single-table or multi-table, as well as sit n’ gos. However, the biggest tournament is the partypoker Million. The tournament holds preliminaries online, but the actual tournament takes part in real time on an actual cruise ship.

As for cash games, partypoker Texas Hold ‘em, both No Limit and Fixed, Omaha Hi-Lo, regular Omaha, and 7 Card Stud, as well as the Hi-Lo version of the game. The stakes range typically from .01/0.2 to 100/200. However, in 2012, partypoker decided to remove its high-stakes games. They also offered a bad beat jackpot, but they terminated that offer too.

We said that the company has been acquired by GVC Holdings. It should be noted too that partypoker, or, rather, Bwin.Digital Entertainment, was offered a place in the 888 Holdings franchise. The company swayed between them and GVC Holdings but were finally convinced by GVC Holding’ £1.1 billion.

As of 2014, partypoker is looking to make it onto the US market yet again. However, they still haven’t made it, and still don’t accept US players. They do, however, hold a New Jersey license and accept players from the state of New Jersey.


In the end, partypoker is one of the best poker cardrooms today. They may not accept you folks from the US, but, if you show a little more patience, we’re sure partypoker will come to you too. Until then, we Europeans will continue to enjoy their awesome tournaments and promotions.

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