Partypoker Offers Up to 40 Percent Rakeback


Partypoker replaced its previous loyalty program with a new and simple program on 22nd May; a program that rewards players with between 20-40% of their rakeback each week as a cash payment.

Previous 4-Tiered Loyalty Program

Under the previous 4-tiered loyalty system, partypoker players used to earn 2 points for every dollar they deposited in cash game rake as well as tournament fees. It was easy to redeem these points as you could exchange them for a poker tournament ticket, maximum of $500 cash, and even casino bonuses through the Loyalty Store established into the partypoker software.

Current Loyalty Program

Under the current, new loyalty program that launched on 22nd May, it is no longer possible to buy items with these points. Instead, you can earn one point per dollar contributed in tournament fee or cash game rake. Once you have accumulated 25 points in a week, you can be awarded cash back at a rate of 20%.

After signing into this program every week through the ‘Rewards’ part of the partypoker, you will realize that the more points you accumulate during the week, the higher your cashback percentage will be on Monday.

PartyPoker Cahsback Point and Percentage

To begin, you get a 20 percent cashback for every 25 points you earn. The loyalty payment is usually $5. For 50 points, you get 20 percent and a loyalty of $10. For 75 and 100 points, you also get a 20 percent and a loyalty of $15 and $20 respectively. The percentage increases when you get more point. For example, you get 25 percent for over 100 points up to 500 points. You get 30 percent for over 600 points up to 1000 points and 40 percent for over 1200 points. The Loyalty payment will increase with the increase in points.

Invite-only Palladium VIP

The cashback table on partypoker shows that there is an invite-only Palladium VIP level. Patrick Leonard gave advice and helped form the new loyalty scheme.

Easy Reward Program

This scheme has become a huge improvement for players and has been solely depended on the players’ feedback for it to be developed. It is a fair and simple reward system that offers players what they are looking for. After all, they helped to develop it through their concern and feedback.

Tom Waters, the managing director of partypoker, state that this is a new rewards system that is pretty easy because the firm wants to provide regular cashback to players. He says that the previous system was complicated as well as confusing for some people and so they decided to change the store with an easier and rewarding rakeback system that will deposit cashback into players’ accounts each week.

The system was developed in consultation with players and the firm hopes that it has provided a system that is suitable for all its loyal visitors.


The new system has made it easier for players to understand the reward system better and have the chance of earning more points and thus more cashback.

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