Merit Poker Top Guns Tournament Offers Over $1 Million in Guarantees


The Merit Poker Series occur at the amazing five-star Merit Crystal Cove Casino and Resort in Cyprus with Merit Poker Top Guns from 31st May to 11th June. The organizer, under the administration of Songui Bekem Bolat, forms a thrilling atmosphere in the poker room by planning events with different concepts.

The attractive prize pools and colorful setup make the Merit Poker Tournament quite popular with participants from over 35 nations including Russia, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The Prizes

The previous tournament, the Mediterranean Poker Cup that runs from 26th April to 7th May had over $1 Million in combined guarantees and set a new record in payouts, over $2.5 Million. Two $2,200 Main Events, $350,000 guaranteed each, shared over $1.1 Million in cash. These guarantees on these events doubled and also tripled.

Just like the previous tournament, Merit Poker Top Guns is a thrilling 12-day poker event with over 28 events on the schedule that gives over $1 Million in combined prize and includes two $2,200 Main Events, $350,000 guaranteed each. Both of these events run for 5 days with the registration open during the first 10 levels. Other notable tournaments included in the timetable are the $800 Warm Up as well as $5,000 High Roller, both with $125,000 guaranteed.

Also, there is the $10,000 Super High Roller, $1,100 max-min with $45,000 guaranteed, $660 Survivor Event with $30,000 guaranteed as well as wide range of amazing events. Merit Top Guns also provides a variety of satellites and freerolls, including Midnight S n G satellites with different buy-ins to keep you busy. Cash games are also available 24/7.

In addition to providing a lot of poker action, players as well as their family and friends, take advantage of the fun offered by Merit. World-famous pop stars and Well-known performers meet the people during the amazing performance on the stage of Merit Royal on 9th June.

Go through the full 10-day timetable at the Merit Crystal Cover Hotel website or visit them to get your copy.

Merit Poker

Merit Poker has been organizing poker festival at Merit Crystal Cover Hotel for the past one decade, and in addition to the attractive prize pool, it guarantees the players a 5-star holiday in one of the superb resorts in Cyprus. The organizer has been able to keep the fun happy throughout the tournament and for the past ten years.

In addition to exciting poker action, buck games running 24/7 on a wide range of stakes and an inclusive treatment with cigars, cigarettes, a hot buffet, cold and hot beverages and spirits in the poker room, the room attract hundreds of professional and recreational players, both local and foreign, every year.


If there is one event that you should attend, is the Merit Poker Top Guns Tournament. It guarantees the players a $1,000,000 that is shared among the participants to ensure that you get a reasonable payout.


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