Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker comes from Microgaming and its one of their oldest games. However, this game is not well-known for being old, but for introducing a new gameplay mechanic. Jacks or Better still draws players in because it’s very simple and has a nice learning curve for the players to follow. Jacks or Better is very popular in online casinos, as it’s featured in almost all of them, so, if you want to play this excellent game once again, you’ll always be able to find a suitable place to play it.

A Defining Game

Without Jack or Better, a great deal of video poker games wouldn’t have existed. The main point of the game is in the title – you have to gather a hand that features a pair of Jacks minimum to win. This makes the game a little bit more difficult, because you have to be lucky enough to get at least a pair of Queens to win anything, other than the pair of jacks. You have to choose your cards carefully in order to score, but the game’s manageable, and there will be plenty of chances to win a few coins. The game, however, heavily favours royal cards, granting better prizes if you manage to form a hand with these royals.

Jacks or Better uses a 52-card deck, so you can expect the same odds for getting a combination you would when playing real poker. Jacks or Better doesn’t feature any jokers or other wild cards, so there aren’t any ways to improve your odds with these little tricks. The game lets you choose to bet one to five coins, with the prize being appropriately assigned. Scoring a royal flush will award you the jackpot of 4000 coins.

Jacks or Better features a mini-game too. When you win coins you’re given an option to play it. The mini-game serves to double your winnings, but you can also lose all your money if you fail the game. However, the odds are fair, and the risk of losing your winnings isn’t all that great. The game consists of you having to pick one of the five face-down cards which will be put against the dealer’s face up card. If your card is higher, your winnings are doubled, and if not, you lose everything.


In the end, Jacks or Better is a classic and a favourite. It’s always fun playing it, trying to beat the dealer and winning bit. The addition of the mini-game also makes for a more diverse game, while the absence of wilds makes it more challenging for players. Challenging, but fair.

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