Calling the Clock with Matt Glantz Sponsored by KO Watches


Starting as a cutting-edge model, active in design, producing and selling high-quality watches from Mexican businessman, KNOCK OUT –KO- Watches works to differentiate itself from other firms with clean and quality design, enabling users to use time they have as they want and without any interruption. With this sponsor, KNOCK OUT –KO- Watches, Sara (S) “called the clock” on Matt Glantz (M).

The Conversation

  1. Who is your number one Twitter follow?
  2. My favorite Twitter follow is Mike Dentale.
  3. Who is the worst troll on Twitter?
  4. hmmmm…Me.
  5. I understand you are a mixed game dude a lot of the time. What is your number one game?
  6. My favorite game is poker.
  7. Which was the best advice that your dad gave you?
  8. My dad was kinda of a shit. I don’t think he ever gave me any sensible advice.
  9. Yes! Me too. Which celebrity would you want to have during a Poker Night in the United States of America?
  10. That is a great question.
  11. Please do not say Kevin Hart. Are you going to say Donald Trump?
  12. It is Alan Iverson.
  13. What is the hashtag that you don’t like; the one you hate the most?
  14. Hashtag that I don’t like…it has to do with Donald Trump. I hate anything to do with Donald, which is negative.
  15. Who is your favorite Saturday Night Live cast member of all time?
  16. It got to be Eddie Murphy 100 percent.
  17. What album can’t you get enough of?
  18. Got to be Smashing Pumpkins.
  19. Who do you most want to fight in a poker game?
  20. Olivier Busquet. Simply because he had the biggest challenge. I would never have a chance but I would like to assume it would be great. I am not saying that I have any issue with him; I just think that would be a great challenge.
  21. What is the last book that you did not finish reading?
  22. The last book that I did not finish would definitely be… I don’t know. It has been a while before I opened a book. I don’t read poker books so, it is been quite long. It has probably been since I graduated from college. I am not a reader.
  23. What do you prefer, Dogs or Cats?
  24. Both. We have dogs and cats at our home.
  25. Names of your dogs?
  26. We have one dog called Molly and two cats.
  27. What your cats’ names?
  28. We will pass on that one.
  29. Who was your crush during childhood?
  30. Childhood crush… You mean a celebrity?
  31. Yeah, a celebrity.
  32. Morgan Fairchild.
  33. I don’t Know Morgan Fairchild but I love Jean-Claude Van Dam.
  34. I am older that you so…


The clock has stopped. What a conversation? You liked it? So did I.

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