bet365 Poker Review

Who of us hasn’t seen a bet365 commercial when watching our games or shows on TV. Bet365 is one of the most influential online casinos in the world, if not the most influential. They have an enormous player base and they keep adding more every day. Bet365 is the home of sports betting, slots and card games – basically everything and anything a casino has to offer.

Bet the Whole Year Round

Let’s start by saying that Bet365 is completely run and owned by Playtech. This being said, you can expect the casino to be extremely reliable and stocked up with excellent games. As far as the games go, you have your standard Texas Hold ‘em poker and Omaha Poker, as well as Razz Poker, Seven-Card Stud poker, and Omaha Hi-Lo Poker. The highest congestion is around six-handed No Limit Hold ‘em, but Pot Limit Omaha gets plenty of players during rush hour. The blinds range from 0.01 and 0.02 euros to 5 and 10 euros. Buy-ins come as low as 0.10 euros and as high as 375 euros. Also, bet365 hosts Seven-card Stud tournaments, although these aren’t that prominent and not that frequent.

Bet365 also uses the FastForward gameplay style. If you’re not familiar with this gameplay style, let us illuminate you. When playing FastForward, each time you fold, you’re transferred to a new random table. This ensures the players don’t collude and feed each other intentionally. It also adds an element of unpredictability to the game, which makes it all the more fun for players.

Like any online casino, bet365 offers you a welcome bonus. As usual, the bonus is activated when you make a new account and deposit for the first time. In the case of bet365, you get a 100% bonus up to 100 euros. The casino also features a point and progression system. As you collect bet365’s Merit Points, you level up. Starting from Bronze, you can get to Silver, then Gold, then Platinum then Diamond if you accumulate the points. Each time you hit a new level, you are awarded coins that can be traded in for prizes and tournament tickets and free spins. Diamond players are held in highest regard, as they receive 2.500 coins when they reach the level and an additional 2.500 every quarter if they’re able to maintain their level.


All in all, you’re always treated as an all-star in bet365. Keep racking up those points and you’ll be entitled to some awesome prizes. But, even if you don’t, it’s ok – the casino offers prizes left and right, and some good money can be made on the poker tables.


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