Aces and Eights Video Poker

Though many video poker games look similar, they have a few subtle, barely noticeable differences that make them unique and spice up the gameplay enough not to be boring to us. One such game is called Aces and Eights, and it comes to us from – you guessed it – Microgaming. So, let’s take a look at what this game looks like and what makes it so special and unique.

The Name’s a Tell

So, what is this subtlety we’re talking about? We’ll tell you, but let us tell you a few general information about the game first – you always save your best argument for last.

Aces and Eights plays like any other video poker game. You get five cards, you pick the ones that you need, and discard the rest to get new cards and form poker hands. The game plays with a standard 52-card deck, but it doesn’t feature any wilds or joker cards that might make it easier for you to get a winning hand. The game uses the standard jacks or better format, meaning you need to form a hand that contains at least a pair of jacks.

The game allows you to wager up to five coins, at which point the highest payout is 4000 coins after you’ve managed to create a royal straight flush. You also have a mini game that lets you increase your winnings twofold. The mini game consists of you picking one of four face down cards. The card you picked is compared to the dealer’s face up card, and if your card is higher, you win.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s take a looksee at what makes the game stand apart from the others. This game has a unique way of arranging the hand hierarchy. In any poker game, the second strongest four-of-a-kind combination is four kings. However, in this game, as the name suggests, it’s four eights. The game grants bounses for every hand that contains a combination of eights, or a combination that an eight card is a part of (meaning straights and flushes).

The game also features a very decent RTP, making it an excellent choice for newbie players to play. The game has a return to player rating of 98%, which is pretty high, especially for a video poker game.


In the end, Aces and Eights is one of the more interesting video poker games. Instead of favouring the straights and royal cards, the game favours quads, aces and eights. The jackpot still sits with the royal straight flush, but searching for those aces and eights might bring about the kind of change you need to keep the things interesting.


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