888poker XL Inferno Series Day 10: ‘Spud_gun888’ Wins Super High Roller


On Day 10 of the amazing 888poker Xl Inferno Series, there were eleven new tournaments. However, most of the attention was directed toward the XL Inferno #126 -$5,200 XL Inferno Super High Roller, where the high rollers gathered to compete for the huge prize money. But who took the share lion of the prize and what was the result in this tournament?

XL Inferno #126 – $5,200 XL Inferno Super High Roller

Here is a table that shows the highlights from this game:

Buy-in Date Players Prize Pool
$5,200 16th May 121 $810,000


Players began the tournament with only 20,000 chips and had the chance to rebuy the lost ones. At the end of this period, there were 41 rebuys and 121 players to create a huge total prize of $810,000 which was shared among the last 18 participants.

Long before the cash was shared, Chris “888moorman” Moorman, Thomas “Wushu TM” Muhlocker, Artem “Veeea” Vezhenkov, Scott “ AggrpSantos” Margereson, Doug “ DougPolkPKP” Polk, Roman “Romeopro33” Romanovskyi, Mike “SirWatts” Watson, Sergio “ Zcedrick” Aido, and Jussi “Jnevanli” Nevanlinna all busted from the event.

Before the bubble formed, the event had lost Anton “Anteen” Bertilsson, Niklas “tutten7” Astedt, Parker “888nkaaa” Talbot, Jonathan “Chut_up” Von Fleet, Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche, and Adrian “ADRI-ATM” Mateos. On the bubble, “alderfalder” lost against ace-five with his pocket jacks and he was the last individual to walk empty-handed from this tournament.

The final table was complete after over one hour of play and it began with only 7 players. Robin “Inho” Yitalo and “Sweetness158” were busted on the bubble of the final table and thus, only 7 participants were left.

Within minutes, seventh-placed “iBotPauseNot” ($32,400), sixth-placed “Vickktor” ($40,500), and fifth-placed “AlreadyHigh” ($48,600) were busted. From there it was a long wait with the final 4 players battling it out. In the end, “ZeusLAZER” was eliminated after losing against ace-jack – he had ace-ten and finished in 4th.

Afterwards, it was the turn of Fabricio “DrMikee” Gonzalez to be eliminated who ended up with cool $98,415. He lost to “Spud_gun888” who had ace-seven while he held ace-six. Here, the best hand stood tall.

Once again, “Kannwas” qualified to the final table after finishing in 2nd place in the $2,100 High Roller Competition earlier this series. This time, the odds were against him as he started with a deficit of 3:1 and hence couldn’t win the tournament. On a king-five-seven-ten board, “Kannwas” called the bet in with eight-ten for the 2nd pair. That wasn’t going to take him to the first spot because “Spud_gun888” had six-ten for 2 pairs.

“Kannwas” settled for $129,600 while “Spud_gun888 went home with a cool $186,300 to deposit in his account.

The Final Table

The final read as follows:

Position Player County Prize
1 Spud-gun888 United Kingdom $186,300
2 Kannwas Germany $129,600
3 DrMikee Uruguay $98,415
4 ZeusLaZER Canada $72,900
5 AlreadyHigh Mexico $48,600
6 Vickktor Poland $40,500
7 iBotPauseNot Canada $32,400
8 Inho Sweden $24,300


The dice had been cast and the winners had been displayed. Spud-gun888 had outsmarted Kannwas to finish on top of the park.

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