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Poker is a collection of card games that merges skill, strategy, and gambling. All its variants involve wagering as a major part of the play and decide the winner of every hand depending on the combinations of the player’s cards – some remain hidden until the end. Poker games vary in the number of community or shared cards, the number of cards dealt, the betting procedures, and the number of cards that remain hidden.

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The History of Poker

The history of poker can be traced over 10 centuries ago from various games that involve the main principal of domino combinations or ranked card and the use of “bluffing” to mislead the opponents.

One popular principle is that a game that resembled poker was played by the Chinese before the 969 A.D when The Monarch Mu-Tsung played “domino cards” with his friends and family during the New Year eve.

Egyptians, in 12th and 13th centuries, also used to play card games and in 16th century Treasure or Ganjifa Cards were used for dozens of betting games. These were made of 96 elaborate cards made of thin papers or precious wood or ivory.

The game continued to develop over the centuries until the three dominant games hit the world:

  • 5 Card Draw – Originated from the American Civil War.
  • 7 Card Stud – Originated after the WWII.
  • Texas Hold’em – Originate in the 1970s.

Other poker variations include Omaha, Manila, Razz, Draw Poker, and Stud Poker.

Poker’s Common Term

There are a few terms that you should know when playing poker:

  • Ante – minimum amount that should be bet to get into the game.
  • Blinds – money placed on the table before dealing the cards – often in chip form.
  • Call – a call shows that another player is willing to match the placed amount.
  • Check – no new bet has been placed and the wager doesn’t want to raise.
  • Raise – the players wish to increase the table bet.

Basic Poker Strategy

Poker players need to know some basic strategies. They include:

  • Decision for the new player – do you want to play poker to have fun or win? It takes time to play for money.
  • Make good decisions/result will follow – don’t expect to win every time you play. Don’t judge your ability in the previous results.
  • The mathematics of poker – poker is a highly mathematical game and it is a game of limited information.
  • Beyond starting hands – mastering your starting hand is important, but you should also learn to play the rest of your hand.
  • Avoiding tilt – don’t allow other players to use your emotions against you.

Important of Poker Games

For many people, poker is more than just a card game and there are lots of reasons for this. One of the major reasons is discovering yourself. Here are other benefits of playing poker:

  • Improve your attention to details
  • Boost your observation skills
  • Quick-thinking and faster decision-making
  • Strengthen self-control
  • Become a more patient individual


Poker game looks like it’s here to stay and its widespread popularity isn’t coming to its end anytime soon. With millions of poker game information out there, you can learn how to play it effectively.

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